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ISI/SCOPUS Indexed Journals:

“Assessing the impacts of Sunday trading restrictions on urban public transport: An example of a big city in central Poland”., 2023., Journal of Public Transportation, 25: 1-15.

“Effectiveness of the policy for organizing self-evacuation by private vehicle transport, as verified in microsimulations”., 2022., International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 83: 1-15.

"The Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Emitted PM2/5 in Urban Road Networks: Using Loop Data and Kriging Method for Passenger Cars in the Central Part of the City of Lodz”., 2022., Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 22(4): 1-20.

“Spatiotemporal Changeability of the Load of the Urban Road Transport System under Permanent and Short-Term Legal and Administrative Retail Restrictions”.,2022., Sustainability, 14(9): 5137.

“Analyzing accessibility to fire stations: A floating catchment area model for stochastic transportation networks with travel time correlation”., 2021., Transactions in GIS, 26(1): 1-19.

“Reliable space-time prisms in the stochastic road networks under spatially correlated travel times”., 2020., Transportmetrica B: Transport Dynamics, 8(1): 351-375.

“A Markovian Measure for Evaluating Accessibility to Urban Opportunities”., 2019., Journal of Transport and Land Use, 12(1): 19-43.

“Development, Application, and Comparison of Hybrid Meta-heuristics for Urban Land Use Allocation Optimization: Tabu Search, genetic, GRASP, and Simulated Annealing Algorithms”., 2016., Computers, Environment & Urban Systems, 51-60(60): 23-36.

“Computing Spatiotemporal Accessibility to Urban Opportunities: A Reliable Space-time Prism Approach in Uncertain Urban Networks., 2019., Computation, 7(3)51: 19-43.

“Simulation of Urban Growth through Cellular Automata (CA) and Analytic Hierarchical Process (AHP) Case Study of Isfahan’s 8th and 12th Municipal Districts”., 2013., Geographia Technica, 8(2):57-70.

“Multi-objective Land Use Optimization through Parallel Particle Swarm Algorithm (Case Study: Baboldasht District of Isfahan)”., 2015., Journal of Urban and Environmental Engineering, 16(1):42-49.


ISC Indexed Journals:

“Simulation of Land Use Changes in Urban Fabrics: Integration of Monte Carlo Approach, Fuzzy Logic and Cellular Automata (Case Study: Isfahan’s 7th Municipal District)”., 2021., Journal of Urban Ecology Research, 12(1): 67-84. (In Persian)

“Urban Land Use Allocation through Harmonic Search Algorithm (Case Study: Isfahan 7th Municipal District)”., 2018., Environmental-based Territorial Planning, 11(41): 93-114. (In Persian)

“Ranking sustainability of urban districts through factor and cluster analysis (Case study: municipality districts of the city of Isfahan)”., 2014., Armanshahr, 7(12): 177-187.

“Modeling Urban Expansion in Peripheral Lands Through Cellular Automata (CA) and Analytic Hierarchical Process (Case Study of Isfahan’s 7th Municipal District)”., 2013., Urban - Regional Studies and Research, 5(18): 175-192. (In Persian)

“Study of Modeling Methods and Prioritization of Integrated Transportation- Land Use Techniques through Fuzzy AHP”., 2013., Rahvar, 27(1): 51-72. (In Persian)


Selected Conference Proceedings:

“Appropriate model of transportation and equitable accessibility in Islamic cities”., 2021, 10th Conference on Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress.

“Analysis of the largest Lyapunov component in housing price time series through chaos theory”., 2017., The 2nd International Conference on the New Horizons in Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urbanization, and Cites Cultural Management, Tehran, Iran.

“Prioritization of Land Use-Transport models and Introduction of Parallel Approach for Integrated Modelling”., 2013., International Conference on Civil Engineering, Architecture & Urban Sustainable Development, Tabriz, Iran.

“Study of Urban Growth Evolution in Isfahan and Prediction of Its Future State; since Islamic period to 2030”., 2013., International Conference on Architecture and Built Environment (ICABE) Putrajaya, Malaysia.

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